An Upcoming Trip: the Viking Ship Museum

June 20th, 2013

Every writer does some research while working on his/her book. Mostly, it's done through books and internet. But nothing can compare to the excitement of actually living the experience in real life.

Ever since I started writing about Olaf's and Hrafn's childhood, I wanted to actually travel to a place where Vikings used to live and to touch a Viking ship.

My first idea was to go to Oslo, to the Viking Ship museum, to see the legendary Oseberg Ship.

But later, when I started writing the battle scenes, I figured that I actually ached not for a mere look at the ship, but for a real sailing experience. I never thought such thing was possible, but Google told me otherwise - in Denmark, in a small town called Roskilde there is a Viking ship museum on water. They have modern reproductions of the Viking ships and they do organize sailing experiences.

And finally, after 3 long years of longing, I was able to treat myself to that particular trip. ;-)

Everything is booked, the bag is nearly ready, the familiar scent of the airport stirs that particular excitement and impatience that come right before the boarding...

Constant discovery is definitely one of the biggest advantages of the writing process. Especially if it can be lived through an unusual and breathtaking experience ;-)





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