A world of my own ;-)

January 7th, 2023

I always admired writers who were able to create a whole world of their own. I never thought I would be able to do something like that. The idea seemed challenging enough, but for some reason I just never seemed to get to it.

Sometimes we all have these ideas that seem absolutely great and even enticing, but somehow we never keep acting on them: there is always something more urgent, more interesting, more whatever that gets in front of them on the to-do list.

Someone told me once that maybe these ideas where just not motivating enough, not as important and needed as all the others. I think in some cases that’s true. But in some cases it maybe just that the time is not right for them yet.

What’s even more amazing about human nature, is that sometimes we can accomplish things without consciously trying to. At some point we might think that we should seriously do something, then move to some more urgent matters, and then, some time later, suddenly discover that we did that first thing, without purposefully trying to. Because all the elements that were needed finally somehow lined up, making that big picture that leaves us awed and amazed.

I wasn’t consciously trying to create a world, but I think that I managed to do just that. In my own way.

So I am proud to present you my first and unique immersive experience, The Hague Hostel :

Enjoy! ;)





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