A Dream Library ;-)

October 30th, 2020

I was born to a family of book lovers. The love and respect for books were passed from generation to generation for ages.

My grandparents have a very large collection of books, some of which were published back in the XIX century. I remember them adding new bookshelves every so often to accommodate new acquisitions and worrying about the lack of space.

We all dreamt of a house with a special room for library, and sometimes we talked about it, sharing the pictures that each of us imagined.

I imagined my perfect library as a spacious room with a high ceiling and tall windows, all dark wood and warm yellow lamps, with soft armchairs hidden in cozy corners and a large table in the middle.

Then, recently, I have visited the Trinity College library in Dublin and I was speechless. It definitely is The Perfect Library, a place so unique and beautiful, a place with its own unforgettable atmosphere, filled with centuries of secrets and wisdom. 

Of course, my pics cannot do it justice, still, you can get the idea ;-)

... and a cute spiral staircase :-)

Lovely, isn't it?





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